Heart Pillow

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During the winter months last year when it was too chilly in my workshop to make jewelry, I cozied up to my wood stove and worked on stitching this textile.

Hand stitching is a methodical, meditative practice that brings me a sense of calm, especially when I am in the midst of a busy house that at times feels a bit like a circus with three kids and one very tiny dog. As the seasons shifted this piece of linen was tucked away in my stack of projects to finish.

As the leaves have been turning from green to golden, it was time to bring this fabric out and give it a life.

This pillow measures 18" x 18". The front panel is made of linen embroidered with cotton thread, and an embroidered amber cotton as a border. The back panel is made entirely of the amber cotton fabric. The pillow case has an overlapping enclosure (no zipper). The interior form is a cotton down pillow.